Bring Live! to the Commonwealth

We need your help to bring a once-in-a-lifetime economic development project to Petersburg, Virginia – a project that will change the trajectory of the City and bring family-sustaining jobs and opportunities to the community. The Live! Casino & Hotel will deliver good-paying jobs with benefits, housing, retail, dining and gaming to Central Virginia.

Your Virginia General Assembly representatives are currently considering legislation (HB1373) which would allow the citizens of Petersburg to vote in a November public referendum to authorize the project. Even though you may not live in Petersburg, this project would be transformative for the entire Commonwealth. Your elected officials need to hear from you about this.

Petersburg needs help!

  • Its 7% unemployment rate is more than twice the state rate
  • Its per capita annual income of $26,000 is nearly half of the rest of the Commonwealth
  • One in five of its residents live in poverty

The proposed $1.4 billion development will be a transformative project that will:

  • Create thousands of good-paying jobs with an average annual income of over $60,000 (including benefits), which is double the area’s current per capita income
  • Increase the city’s budget by more than 30%
  • Provide millions in revenue to help with funding schools, emergency services, affordable housing and much more

Fill in the information below to send your representatives an email, encouraging them to pass legislation that will give Petersburg citizens the right to vote on this issue and bring millions of dollars in economic development to their city. Richmond had their chance and the voters have spoken. They voted “NO” to a casino in their hometown, and we should honor that. The original enabling legislation contemplated five casinos including one in central Virginia, targeting cities that were struggling with poverty and unemployment. Petersburg has been struggling for decades, and this is our opportunity to support them!